Oysho SS 2011 Press Kit

Concept and art direction for the press kit on the Spring Summer 2011 collection by Oysho. The piece conveys excerpts from conversations with the model Bambi, interpreted by the calligrapher Ivan Castro, with luminous photos taken by Daniel Riera.

The project was developed as a part of Extra! team.

OYSHO_PRESSKIT2010_4876X2916 1OYSHO_PRESSKIT2010_4876X2916 1
OYSHO_PRESSKIT2010_4876X2916 8OYSHO_PRESSKIT2010_4876X2916 8
OYSHO_PRESSKIT2010_4876X2916 13OYSHO_PRESSKIT2010_4876X2916 13
OYSHO_PRESSKIT2010_4876X2916 6OYSHO_PRESSKIT2010_4876X2916 6